New story

A boy asks his father about reincarnation, what it is and how it works. His father replies “Then my son, it’s time I show you the great waters.” As they are nomads and live in the desert the boy has known nothing but sand and drought. After several days on foot through the hot plains they finally arrive at the sea. The boy drops to his knees as he has never seen such a thing. Then the father takes out his water bottle and they both quench their thirst. He nods to the endless water, stretches out his arm and pours the rest of the water from the bottle into the swirling waves. "Listen son, we are like water…” he begins to explain. “…and at the end of this life we will be released from the bottle back into the sea. We are drops in a vast ocean. One day someone somewhere far away from here will fill his cup with water from a flowing stream and in it there could very well be drops of this very water that I just released.”

"When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you."

- African proverb

The melody: “Grace” by Secret Garden