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June 7, 2017

Childhood Celebration

Endless rolling hillsides of yellow wheat fields were topped with round bales of hay, a view that’s typical for the north of France. I closed my eyes and took in the amazing air. Then suddenly an idea struck me. In an instance it had me all excited and I felt I couldn’t allow the idea to fly away. I began to fantasize about what I could do with it…
April 30, 2017

Morning walk

The new day is starting, the graceful silence has made way for traffic noises and loud voices. Brief moments of eye contact, even smiles on unknown faces, these are such sudden little graces...
April 19, 2017

Breaking into Paper Paradise

It is the middle of the night and I am in a dark hallway in a house I don't recognise. With a flashlight I search around looking for something although I am not sure what. Then I realise I have broken into the place! When turning I nearly bump into a pedestal with a huge model ship on it. There is a large open staircase with a classic style red carpet running over the middle. I see an open door...
April 14, 2017

Little Magic

Magic and inspiration can be found in such small simple things! Finally the weather is getting warmer I felt called back to my favorite park to do yoga like I did there the entire last summer. But distracted and busy with all sorts of things I ignored the feeling and before I knew it the evening started to fall. Still I couldn’t resists the urge so grabbed my things and got in a taxi straight to the park...