Little Magic

Battle for Incarnation
April 15, 2017

"Magic and inspiration can be found in such small simple things!"

F inally the weather is getting warmer and I felt called back to my favorite park to do yoga like I did there the entire last summer. But the whole day I was distracted, busy with all sorts of things and ignored the feeling. Before I knew it the evening started to fall. Still I couldn’t resists the urge so grabbed my things and got in a taxi straight to the park.

No doubt that spring has finally arrived, and the park was filled couples sitting on the grass or walking hand in hand. The park is wonderful; it’s quite a green stretch overlooking a canyon and huge bridge. It’s designed nicely with plenty trees, a little creek, and playing areas for children. I felt delighted to be out and the temperature was still so pleasant. The sun was already behind the hill as I rolled out my yoga mat near the edge of the cliff and started doing my exercises. Of course it caught some attention but that didn't disturb me. I had my headset on and did my down dogs and pigeon with the flow of my music.
A group of boys found it all too interesting and started taking some pictures of me. I couldn't care less and just smiled. I was happy to be outside again, finally after a whole year indoor.

I was doing a balancing pose and tried to concentrate at a point on the cliff in the distance, when in the corner of my eye I saw a child standing a few meters next to me raising its arms. It was a little boy and he was closely watching my every move and doing his utmost best to copy me. It was adorable! The group of lads had spotted it too and one of them came standing in between me and the boy to pose for a picture. I continued and so did the little boy. I told him he was doing great and he started to shine. Meanwhile his mom took a picture.

Shortly after the boy and his mom left. I finished my routine and when I later on walked back home I listened to the last chapter of Big Magic written by Elizabeth Gilbert who also wrote Eat, Pray, Love, which I never read but this book seemed as if it spoke directly to me. It literally did as it was the audio version narrated by the author herself. I love that! Big Magic explores creativity and inspiration, how it works and how to incorporate it into our daily life. Gilbert encourages us to express ourselves in whatever way whether that be through writing, gardening, cooking, painting stones, dancing or decorating bicycles. She explains the freedom and joy it will bring when we don’t bother too much about possible failure or succes and simply be with the process of making things. For me this is my love for writing, when I develop a new design or website for a client but also little things like cleaning up the house, even singing. But then I realised this also meant what I had just been doing in the park!
Ignoring the thoughts about whether it was already getting too late or cold, or the fear of criticism from judging eyes. Doing it nonetheless, I had given myself such freedom. We live in a small apartment on the third floor so I take any opportunity to get out, move and get fresh air. Yes, it required some courage, knowing I might be stared at and at some moments I did feel vulnerable. But hey, yoga and meditation is all about curiosity and acceptance, of oneself and whatever comes up in the moment.

I kept thinking about those boys. When the group of big boys had seen me they laughed and I knew they made the usual jokes amongst each other. Although it’s changing, Yoga still isn’t that well-known in Armenia so I think to them it must have been like a touristic attraction to see me on my mat. Normally their behavior could have easily upset me but I felt that they were simply being very curious.
As for the other boy —the little one— it was also curiosity that made him stick around, curiosity in the purest form. He wasn't bothered with thoughts of shame or cultural conditioning. I imagine he must have seen me and just thought it was fun and maybe he felt drawn towards the physical movement like children naturally do, to use their energy.
I can still see his face so clearly, totally focussed, undistracted with big curious eyes. Honestly, it is him who inspired me that evening. Because if we would live our lives and approach our challenges with just that right amount of play, commitment and most of all curiosity, wouldn't that be incredibly freeing?! I promise you, that it’ll allow magic on our path, both big and small.

To get the spring feeling, here is one of the songs I listened to during the yoga:
“The Fall” by Rhye. Their whole album "Woman" is great.


  1. Yvonne Alefs says:

    I also read Elisabeth Gilberts book ‘Big Magic’ and just love the way she describes how inspiration is always knocking on our door waiting for us to open and welcome it in. It is indeed up to us to let inspiration in and give it space and room to do it’s work through us. So thank you for this wonderful story. I truely believe your encounter with this little boy was guided by the universe and that through you it planted a seed in this child. I’m incredibly curious what will grow from that seed and am sure it will be something tremendously beautiful!

    Kind regards,

    Yvonne Alefs

    • ramon.vermij says:

      Hello Yvonne and thank you for your lovely comment!
      Nice that you also got inspired by the same book. I love how in it she stated: “Inspiration tends to be attracted to movement.” So nowadays I am moving much more; developed a great morning ritual with walk-around-the-block 🙂 And about the boy, yes, those ripples of inspiration might reach far!

      Nice to connect to you.
      With love, Ramon

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